STEP 1 Agreement to Mediate
STEP 2 Case Details
  • Quantum / Nature of dispute
  • Other proceedings if commenced
  • Issue to be discussed
STEP 3 Mediation Preference
  • Date
  • Language
  • Venue
STEP 4 Mediator Preference
  • Mediator type
  • Other preferences
STEP 5 Information & Contact
  • Your information
  • Other party information
  • Authority to settle
  • Legal counsel

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Other party information
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Party 1 Information
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Do you have the authority to settle?

Legal Representation

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Step 1: Agreement to mediate
Do the parties agree to mediate?
Step 2: Case Details
Quantum of Dispute:
Nature of Dispute:
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Other proceedings if commenced :
Do you have the contact information of the other party?
How long has this dispute been ongoing?
Briefly describe the injury or loss suffered :
Issues to be discussed :
Step 3: Mediation Preferences
How many days are you willing to set aside for mediation?
Preferred Date :
Other Preferred Date (1) :
Other Preferred Date (2) :
Language for Mediation :
Additional Language for Mediation :
Location for Mediation :
Type of Venue :
Mediation Budget :
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Step 4: Mediator Preferences
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Nationality :
Profession :
Industry :
Step 5: Information & Contact
Your Information
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