The SIMI ‘Look And Hire’ mediator request site is an initiative of the Singapore International Mediation Institute (SIMI), a non-profit, independent standards body for professional mediation, based in Singapore.


This site is designed to support users and their counsels in looking for and hiring suitable SIMI Mediators and/or mediation organisations (SIMI Registered Service Providers) for their disputes. It is intended to promote greater accessibility and awareness in referring disputes to mediation as a dispute resolution process.


Users of the site are assured that the responses they receive will come from professional mediators and/or organisations providing mediation services, all of whom have been accredited by SIMI, an independent standards body.


The case submission process is also streamlined to assist users in framing their issues in a way that allows mediators to quickly assess their own suitability. User confidentiality is protected by allowing users to reveal their contact information only to responses that the user is interested in following up.


No fee or commission is collected by SIMI from either users or mediators for mediation cases arranged through this site.


Generally, users with cases involving larger claim sums and more complex issues may wish to look for SIMI Mediators from a higher tier. Do note that mediator fees often correspond to the SIMI Mediator level.


SIMI’s panel comprises of professional mediators with proficiency in Asian and/or European languages and are based in Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe as well as North and South America.


Visit SIMI's website for the listings of SIMI Mediators and SIMI Registered Service Providers (SIMI RSPs)



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